Il concetto di personalizzazione Evoluzione teorica e applicazioni scolastiche

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The concept of personalization. Theoretical evolution and scholastic applicationsAfter twenty years of studies and debates on individualisation and personalization at school, greater clarity has been brought to personalization of teaching. Today it is possible to state that a teacher does practice personalized teaching if: he cultivates in each student both his unique and original characteristics and his ability to relate and collaborate in a shared project; he foresees both common educational objectives that all pupils must reach and individual educational objectives for different groups of pupils or for one pupil; he gets pupils work both in group and individually; by following special actions, he promotes the initiative and autonomy of each pupil in constructing knowledge; he assess pupils by taking into consideration the positive aspects of each student and encourages them to identify actions for their personal improvement. In order for teachers to personalize their teaching effectively, the institutes should provide them with some organizational conditions. For instance, PEI and PTOF should include the principles on personalization and the institute should pay great attention to in-service teachers’ training on the issue. Furthermore, institutes should encourage more interdisciplinary projects and effective collaboration among teachers. The spaces and furnishings should be easily modifiable according to the needs of students; flexibility in students’ timing should be paid attention, too. It is significantly important to be flexible in dividing students into groups, such as grouping by interests, competences and gender. In addition, it is necessary that teachers' working time are diversified; the tutoring function of some teachers are well recognized; various additional and optional training activities are provided; the non-predicted activities proposed by pupils or parents are accepted; the vision of didactics for skills are well adopted and a tool for collecting positive information on student’s school history is well integrated.
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