Il carsismo nei gessi della Sicilia

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The gypsum karst areas of Sicily attracted the attention of naturalists and geologists since the second half of the 1800s. After a long period of indifference, only since the 80s of the last century some Sicilian speleological groups and the Institute of Geology (now Department of Earth and Marine Sciences) of the University of Palermo, in collaboration also with Italian and foreign universities, conducted new researches increasing significantly theknowledge on gypsum karst phenomena. The gypsum karst areas in Sicily are sites of exceptional scientific and cultural interest, for the great abundance and variety of surface and underground karst forms and for their geographical and environmental position, extending from coastal areas to river valleys, from lake basins to hills and plateau. The surficial karst forms range from small rock sculptures (karren) to medium and large forms, such as dolines, fluvial-karst valleys and polje. Over two hundred caves, with developments up to 2 km and a depth of over 100 m, have been explored. Thanks to increase of studies that confirmed the scientific and the naturalistic and cultural interest of gypsum karst in Sicily, several areas are now protected as nature reserves, regional parks, sites of the Natura 2000 Network, geosites and geoparks. Actually, researchers and speleologists cooperate, also with the management of the protected areas, to grow the knowledge on the Sicilian gypsum areas and favor their exploitation, enjoyment and protection.
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