Il Belice prima e dopo il 1968 attraverso le iconografie

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The 1968 earthquake in western Sicily is a break point in the history of a territory rich and layered. Thejournalism has mainly dealt with the case Gibellina, but in reality is the entire geographical area tohave changed relationships and vocations. The iconography and photographs can witness thedifference that occurred within a few years. In fact, the contemporary architecture linked to thereconstruction is only one of the parameters suitable to interpret mutations identity of places, see thecases of Poggioreale and Salemi. The project will make use of visual materials and graphics traced inlocal archives and the constant comparison between the performances before and after theearthquake. This work also serves to balance the overall perception of an area that the collective iscomposed of only the architecture of the late twentieth century. The earthquake has accelerated sometrends already in place, in some cases radically altered conformations urban, yet the folds of thesereconstructions history continues to resurface.
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