II ADVANCED COURSEInnovative wastewater treatmentand mathematical modeling

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Over the past years, the knowledge and understanding of biological wastewater treatmenthas advanced extensively and moved away from empirically-based approaches to afundamentally-based 'first principles' approach that embrace: bio-chemistry, microbiology,mathematics, and physical, chemical and bioprocess engineering. Also, the wastewatertreatment plant of the future will be a water resource recovery facility (WRRF), implyingattention for quite different aspects of these large scale technologies.Many of these advances have matured to a degree that they have been codified intomathematical models able to describe and simulate diverse systems under differentenvironmental conditions at either steady or dynamic state. For a new generation ofscientists and engineers entering the wastewater treatment profession, the quantity,complexity and diversity of these new developments can be overwhelming, particularly tothose from developing countries where access to advanced courses in wastewatertreatment is not readily available.This second edition of the Advanced Course on Innovative wastewater treatmentprocesses and mathematical modelling will provide a comprehensive overview and adiscussion platform for recent advances and trends currently under development in thecontext of wastewater treatment. This course is aimed at professionals (Master, PhD orequivalent experience) in wastewater treatment and mathematical modelling with a basicworking knowledge of the two other disciplines. The course is primarily aimed at thosealready employed in industry who wish to update their theoretical knowledge and practicalinsight in this field.
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