I soffitti in legno e canne. conoscenza e tecniche di intervento per una manutenzione sostenibili

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This study aims to analyze the vaulted and having a flat surface wooden ceilings that in Italy as well as in the all Europe found a great diffusion from XVII century to the first half of XX century, qualifying in the more complex and representative examples the monumental buildings, and often supporting at the intrados an unique and irreplaceable decoration.We believe that the knowledge of materials and construction techniques used for the original creation of these wooden carpentries, which draw on the "rules of art", is fundamental to support technicians and the other restorers in choosing the most appropriate intervention, addressing to the use of "sustainable choices" that could promote materials and technologies compatible with the pre-existence, with the historical, geographical and environmental context, able also to guide towards maintenance as the first act of sustainability.We would also investigate the themes related to the structural design of the constituent parts and of ceiling-support structures through the analysis of restorations in Palermo.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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