I principi della sostenibilità: dai valori dichiarati al comportamento di consumo alimentare. Analisi del ruolo dei media nella costruzione e diffusione della rappresentazione sociale della sostenibilità

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Sustainability is a broad subject which concerns not only institutionalpolicies and corporate choices, but also ordinary people purchase andconsumption behaviors. For instance, food is an issue strongly connected tosustainability. Concerning health and environmental sensitivity, sustainabilityoften influences diet choices, although it is still not clear how much people areactually conditioned by this issue, and whether such conditioning comes fromdirect and conscious processes or from profitable or unconscious choices.At the same time, what emerges is a general contradiction betweenknowledge, beliefs, opinions, professed values and actual behaviors; consumersact differently and inconsistently with respect to their intentions anddeclarations. Their opinions and attitudes are often contradictory, and theprofessed sustainability consciousness (in surveys too) doesn’t match with theirhabits and behaviors as consumers (Biel e Dahlstrand, 2005).The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between sustainabilityand food consumption from the perspective of consumer choice processes (DeLuca, 2006). It is also to understand if these consumer choices are influenced bythe values of sustainability and whether, and how this relationship is influencedby media representation of the issue of sustainability.To achieve these objectives we conducted several types of study: qualitativeresearch interviews with opinion leaders and consumers (youth and adults);qualitative research with focus groups in northern and southern Italy, twoquantitative surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011 with involvement (in the firstsurvey) about one thousand people aged between 18 and 65 years and (in thesecond survey) of 1.000 young people aged between 18 and 28 years; a surveyon the influence of communication on the perception of taste and investigationtechniques for implicit confirmation of the data collected using traditionalmethodology (the questionnaire). The project was implemented with theinvolvement of research teams from the IULM University of Milan, from theState University of Milan, Catania and Palermo.
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