I piani energetici ambientali regionali. Applicabilità degli indicatori proposti a scala nazionale (ISPRA) ed europea (EUROSTA).

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As it is well known, indicators represent effective tools in the aim of designing, monitoring and verifying energy and environmental Masterplans. At this regard, a large number of indicators do exist both at European and country Italian levels which designers can usefully apply to. Anyway, being such indicators released at a general European level, their actual verifiability should be properly checked when them are applied to the local level of a given territory.In the present work this issue is approached by referring to the Sicilian Energy and Environmental Masterplan (PEARS): on purpose, the themes proposed at European (Eurostat) and country Italian (ISPRA) levels have been compared with those utilized for the drawing of the PEARS. The tool here adopted for such comparison is given by indicators representing the Eurostat themes (Headlines), of which the actual applicability at the Sicilian regional level has been here checked.From this case-study a marginal applicability of the proposed top-down approach does emerge; insteada bottom-up approach is suggested for the definition of indicators that, in this way, can more effectively catch the specificity of the territory under examination.
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