I doni di Medea. Tra reciprocità e vendetta

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What is the role of gifts in Medea’s story, and what do they convey? By the means of her gifts, Medea seems able to build relationships and, conversely, to take revenge upon her enemies. Moreover, on the basis of the gifts, she interprets offences and revenge as the reversals of the positive reciprocity mechanisms in which she is involved. So, starting from the assumption that Medea is, above all, a “female giver”, the paper explores the most relevant representations of her mythic tale, in the light of the category of gift. Therefore, in the first part (“the gifts for Jason”), we will pay particular attention to Pindar’s, Apollonius Rhodius’, Ovid’s and Valerius Flaccus’ portrayals of Medea’s gifts, without overlooking the most important mythographic sources (Apollodorus and Diodorus Siculus); in the second part (“the gifts against Jason”) we will examine Euripides’ and Seneca’s tragedies, in comparison with Dracontius’ Medea, in order to highlight the way by which Greek and Roman authors rewrite her myth in relation to the dynamics of positive reciprocity and their violations.
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