Hyperboloid and Parabolid in Orthogonal Axonometric

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This paper presents the issue of a long research on the representation of the complexsurface in descriptive geometry. The ability to use the different techniques of representation aims toachieve results that you didn’t image before. In Palermo University, at the Engineering School, theresearcher involved the study on the simplify of the so elaborated way to represent the geometryand its applications in architecture buildings and engineering implants. We just report below theapplication methods to represent two of the most used quadric surfaces in the practice of buildings.We are talking about Hyperboloid and Paraboloid quadric surface represented in axonometricprojecting. This method is the result of the experimental homology applied to the axonometricprojection. We’d like to have the opportunity to show the method that is beyond the belowapplication and hope to have this choice in an other time. We remained to the bibliography of theother works where there is explained the theory method to become to the application.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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