Horizontal and Vertical Reconstruction of the Severely Resorbed Maxillary Jaw Using Subantral Augmentation and a Novel Tenting Technique with Bone from the Lateral Buccal Wall

Giuseppe Alessandro Scardina, Angelo Leone, Ziad Salameh, Nabih Nader, Ziad Noujeim, Antoine Berberi

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Aim The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect ofusing the lateral wall bone in sinus lifting two-dimensionalreconstruction on bone augmentation.Patients and Methods Ten patients affected by class V orVI maxillary atrophy with less than 3 mm of residualhorizontal ridge were selected. Using a piezo-ultrasonicsurgery tip bony lateral wall was cut. To expose nativebone to the bone graft, multiple perforations, made throughthe cortical plate of the recipient site with a round bur.Once the bony buccal wall was adjusted it was fixed awayfrom the ridge with two 1.5 x 13 mm bone fixation screws.Deficiencies created between the bony buccal wall and theridge was filled with a mineralized cortical bone. A pericardiummembrane was then placed on the graft. A biopsyfor histologic evaluation was made.Results The data analysis in bone volume changesreported significant differences between the anterior andposterior locations before and after grafting (p\0.05). Thebiopsy shows mature cancellous bone with predominantlylamellar structure.Conclusion The use of the lateral wall bone in sinus liftsurgery showed significant increase in bone volume.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015


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