High-performance lead-acid batteries enabled by Pb and PbO2 nanostructured electrodes: Effect of operating temperature

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Lead-acid batteries are now widely used for energy storage, as result of an established and reliable technology. In the last decade, several studies have been carried out to improve the performance of this type of batteries, with the main objective to replace the conventional plates with innovative electrodes with improved stability, increased capacity and a larger active surface. Such studies ultimately aim to improve the kinetics of electrochemical conversion reactions at the electrode-solution interface and to guarantee a good electrical continuity during the repeated charge/discharge cycles. To achieve these objectives, our contribution focuses on the employment of nanostructured electrodes. In particular, we have obtained nanostructured electrodes in Pb and PbO2 through electrosynthesis in a template consisting of a nanoporous polycarbonate membrane. These electrodes are characterized by a wider active surface area, which allows for a better use of the active material, and for a consequent increased specific energy compared to traditional batteries. In this research, the performance of lead-acid batteries with nanostructured electrodes was studied at 10 C at temperatures of 25, −20 and 40 °C in order to evaluate the efficiency and the effect of temperature on electrode morphology. The batteries were assembled using both nanostructured electrodes and an AGM-type separator used in commercial batteries.
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