Hastening of wound healing of mucosa by means of aminoacids combined to sodium hyaluronate after oral biopsy: an open trial.

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Sodium hyaluronate has been widely used in order to promote wound healing in oral cavity for its anti-inflammatory effects.Aim of this clinical trial was to evaluate the efficacy of aminoacids added to topical sodium hyaluronate, in minor oral surgery.After surgery by means of Quantic molecular resonance scalpel, in 27 patients a gel with sodium hyaluronate has been applied directly on the surgical wound, in order to favorite healing by secondary intention. Furthermore, gel has been applied 3-4times/day, after meals and oral hygiene.Hemostatic effect, edema and pain symptoms by VAS (Visual Analogue Scale;0-100), and clinical healing (full, partial, absent) have been evaluated at T#1(2hrs after surgery), T#2(after 24hrs), T#3(after 72hrs), T#4(after 7days) and T#5(after 14days).Regarding pain symptom, mean values registered were at T#0 6.7(± 20 DS;range: 0-60), at T#1 12.2(± 25,4 DS,range: 0-70), at T#2 4.4(± 7.3 DS,range: 0-20), at T#3 1.1(± 4,4 DS;range 0-10), while at T#4 and T#5 no patient complained pain. Evaluation of the intra-group symptom score at T#0, T#1, T#2 and T#3 showed no statistically significant differences in T#1 vs T#0(p = 0.5930,z = -0.535), T#2 vs T#1(p = 0.2850,z = -1.069) and T#3 vs T#2(p = 0.1088,z = -1.604), revealing a good early performance. In all patients have been found to complete clinical resolution of the surgical wound within 2 weeks after surgery. Only one slight bleeding at T#1 was observed, post-operative edema until T#3 was never present.In historical control1(cold scalpel), regarding about pain evaluation, mean values were in general worst [at T#0 was 20(±17,97), at T#1 15,0(±14,4) and at T#4 5,8(±9,5)].In conclusion, aminoacids combined to sodium hyaluronate application seems to be advantageous in oral surgery, due to its hemostatic effect, reduction of pain symptoms, simple application, absence of infectious complications, and rapid healing of surgical wounds.
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