“Harvesting memories”: Integrated approaches of human ecology and landscape archaeology in rural Sicily, the case of Castro Valley and Mt. Barraù (Corleone, PA)

Giuseppe Bazan, Angelo Castrorao Barba

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The “Harvesting Memories” project focuses on the study of the long-term transformation of the historical landscape in a rural area of Central-Western Sicily (Castro Valley and Mt. Barraù, Corleone – Palermo). In order to achieve a global comprehension of the landscape, which we consider to be a diachronic result of the interaction between humans and their surrounding environment, our main research threads focus on socio-historical and environmental transformation. To this end we are applying an holistic approach, resulting from the cross-pollination of different methodologies: 1) Archaeological research: field survey and pottery studies allow the reconstruction of the historical settlement patterns from Prehistory to the Modern Age; 2) Archival research: the study of Late Medieval and Modern written sources (contracts, wills, chronicles) produces direct and relevant insights on the past land uses; 3) Historical cartography: ancient topographic maps and land registries, treated both from a qualitative and quantitative approach, are a rich source of information on the evolution of the layout of rural districts and their uses; 4) Potential Land Evaluation: this methodology synthesizes the data produced from the above mentioned methodologies and, given a set of known technological variables and potential uses, interpolates landscape models, together with its suitability and potential uses.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016


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