Hand verification for flexural strength of existing R.C. floors subject to degradation phenomena

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In the present paper, a simplified model for hand verification of the flexural and shear strength of existing corroded T beams cast in place of lightened R.C. orthotropic slabs forming floors is presented and discussed. Diffused and pitting corrosion on steel bars, compressive concrete strength degradation and concrete bond strength degradation are included in the model. The original contribution of the paper is evaluation of the flexural and shear strength considering both the cases of strain compatibility and absence of compatibility and considering the main parameters governing the corrosion process. An arch-resistant model for the calculus of the flexural and shear strength of the beam was adopted in the absence of strain compatibility, while the plane section theory was adopted for the case of strain compatibility. No punching shear is considered. This approach is simple and can be applied on the basis of the experimental information available (carbonation test, chloride content, measurement of the pitting in the bar, gravimetric method for general corrosion) or by utilizing analytical expressions calibrated on the knowledge of the corrosion current intensity determined by linear polarization resistance measurement (LPR). The model was also verified against experimental results recently obtained by the authors.
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