Graphene Oxide and Fumed Silica Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites Modification by Thermal Treatments

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In the present study we investigate post synthesis thermal treatments up to 400 °C of graphene oxide (GrO)prepared from commercial graphite and of GrO–silica nanocomposites prepared by a solution of commercialFumed silica nanoparticles (average diameter 7 nm or 40 nm) and the GrO. The thermal treatments werecarried out in air, vacuum or He atmosphere to highlight tunable changes. Two GrO batches with smalldifferences in the D (~1350 cm–1) and G (~1580 cm–1) Raman bands have been employed to evaluateeffects depending on preparation. Thermal effects have been monitored through the Raman spectroscopyfocusing on D, G and 2D (2500–3500 cm–1) bands spectral ranges.The experiments evidenced that the I(D)/I(G) amplitude ratio and the 2D region profile change during thermaltreatments in the range below 180 °C with maximum rate at ~120 °C. At higher temperature, with maximumefficiency at about 200 °C, only the D and G bands show modifications with a tendency to decrease I(D)/I(G)and reduce the G band width. The comparison among GrO batches and nanocomposite evidences that thethermal history during preparation and defective structures of GrO are key factors for the final material.
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