Governance of Glocal Tourism

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Governance of Glocal Tourism The basic theme of this paper is to reconcile two aspects of tourism, globalization and local identity, which equally fundamental processes in society in the early twenty-first century. Globalization, on the one hand, everything seems to connect and flatten everything, but on the other hand, develops an infinite range of possible paths for different groups or individual tourists. The sense of the local plays and defeats from within globalization. Tourist of globalization poses a direct relationship with the places visited, with the area and its historical memory, its culture and its environment, showing a demand for authenticity, uniqueness and spontaneity of products sometimes not born for tourism and do not find anywhere else in the world (local aspect). It is noted that tourism demand is a complex multi-dimensional and also a very pretentious tourist with its strategy of choice, "unpredictable" and "imponderable." The needs of tourists, therefore, are complex and multidimensional and are catered for with the differentiation, customization and specialization of tourism offer, which requires the integration and participation of all actors involved in the "tourism industry", starting from exploitation of resources and local identities and in full respect of workplaces and communities visited. In summary, the good "tourist" regarded as an integral and central part of a territorial system becomes more efficient, financially independent and it is able to maintain its memory, the more it is able to adopt a systemic organization and management.In this context, in particular, in this paper it is to highlight the advantageous of the role of tourism offer itself, as integration of different functions and the tourism product is required when it is able to combine two key terms: the characteristics of the territory and local entrepreneurial skills . The tourism product must become a product of systemic and local systems tourism (SLOT) is a winning strategy for the development of a destination that respects in the time a tourism that is not only attractive, but services, facilities and infrastructure that allow the tourist a positive and unforgettable experience.
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