Giacomo Genna, Vincenzo Genna

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The paper aims to analyse the environment of the Nebrodi’s Natural Park (Sicily) and the economic effects on the territory and on its inhabitants. In a recent vision, the economic development doesn't depend only from the availability of economic resource but it also depends from the so-called “extra-economic”resources, such as the social and cultural context, the political and social integrational degree, the know-how, the entrepreneurial offer and the services to enterprises.Today natural parks represent a “big box” in which nature, landscape, culture and traditions are, at the same time, “preserved” and “invested” for an economic growth. Moreover, the institution of the natural park - which obviously protect nature and territory - has proposeded and applied a model of sustainable development in the Nebrodi.Analysing the social-economic condition of towns belonging to the Nebrodi’s Natural Park, you can see as often these areas are in a marginal economic conditions and how far the institution of a natural park hands to a man-environment equilibrium, capable to stop the progressive ecological deterioration, leaving resources to the future generations.Investing in natural parks means planning and establishing a relationship of dynamic equilibrium among economic and environment. The beauty and the salubriousness of natural parks represent a fundamental resource for the development of the local community and the base of the economic growth.Today the Nebrodi are identified with the natural park and with its development model, which has been oriented even out of its borders. Thanks to the Nebrodi’s Natural Park a reconstruction process involving the cultural identity and the sense of affiliation to the territory is on its way, that is essential for a valid progress of the local community.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007


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