Gli anfiteatri di Campania e Sicilia, 'pietre miliari' nella storia della tutela in età borbonica. Amphitheatres of Campania and Sicily, ‘milestones’ in the history of the protection in the Bourbon age

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Amphitheatres and other antiquities which are situated in the territories of the southern kingdom of Sicily, considered, during the Bourbon period (1734-1860) ‘relics’ of the past and ‘decorum’ of the nation, took over time the meaning of landmark, ‘milestones’ that marked an extraordinary story about the progressive advance of the ideas in the field of conservation and restoration of monu- ments. It was shown the ‘exemplary’ character of the amphitheatres Campano and of Pozzuoli, of the initiatives aimed at their protection and their restoration to the theoretical and methodological choices; these monuments represent the landmarks respect to contemporary Sicilian cases, as demonstrated on several occasions by the docu- ments of the time, forming a sufficiently complete and partly un- published picture. The measures of protection between the eigh- teenth and nineteenth centuries, prompting explicitly Neapolitan initiatives, concerned the excavations for the commissioning of the amphitheater and the theater below the baroque buildings of Catania and the liberation from the mills of the auditorium of the theater of Syracuse. The cultural functions of ‘decorum’ for the nation and education for the people, recognized to the antiquity monuments, are the conditions of the protection that the Bourbon age proposed to play. Already in the 1755 customary ‘relics’ of the past, considered sacred, were recognized of public interest, by extending the principle of passive protection to the ‘private domain’ objects. They entered the sphere of the public interest and, consequently, in the ‘domain of the state’, according to a 1819 judgment, amphitheatres and other ancient monuments and so their care and supervision. The contribution considers the deep interdependence between the in- tangible cultural heritage and cultural heritage materials represented by ‘antiquities’ of the Bourbon age.
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