Gli agrumi nell'immaginario arabo-normanno. Le radici di Palermo tra figurazioni e contestazioni

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The contribution explores the imaginative geographies related to the inclusion of the Arab-Norman site of Palermo in the World Heritage List UNESCO, with the aim of revealing the centrality of citrus fruits in the contemporary vision of the city. The construction and the subjectivities involved in the project of re-figuration of the place are deepened through the analysis of urban policies and discourses conveyed by the documentation relating to the candidacy of the site. The roots traced in the representation of a prosperous city, characterized by the abundance of water and its gardens full of fruits, are examined to bring out the emblematic value attributed to citrus fruits in the Arab-Norman imaginary. The process of definition of the urban image is explored through the analysis of the actions that characterize it: the spatial delimitation and the identification of the origins in a time long gone. Both operations are spatialized through the creation of a centre, which is reduced, in the mythical image of the city in a symbol, the citrus tree, which is the dominant element of the agrarian and social landscape of the 'Conca d'oro'. The roots of Palermo, sunk in the Arab-Norman era, cling to the ground, ousting everything fluid and transitory, everything that is not whole and authentic and generating conflict. The issues underlying the contested places are therefore investigated through the analysis of two particularly significant case studies concerning the role of citrus fruits in the contemporary imagination connected to the city of Palermo. The processes attest to the coexistence of different points of view on the use of the past aimed to define the future of places. Imaginative geographies produced by actors that can give a name to these places and put them on the map of the city, affect the value attributed today to citrus fruits and the image of a city rooted in the myth of a paradisiacal garland, where lemons bloom and oranges shine.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteDendrolatrie. Miti e pratiche dell'immaginario arboreo
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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