Giovani costruiscono spazi per giovani nella città universitaria di Palermo. Meeting places designed by students in the Palermo’s campus

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The paper reports the results of an International Design Workshop that every year is organized by E-D’ARC+ (a university students Association) in collaboration with some professors of the Courses of Building Engi¬neering and Architecture of the University of Palermo. This year the workshop was on the design of a small temporary architecture useful for young people -especially students- and its construction inside the campus of Palermo. Actually, the title of the Workshop was: "from Design to Construction". The students have designed small architectures by taking into account their experience inside the campus, in order to improve and to qualify it: a "urban environment" in which they spend most of their daily time and that it is lacking of places in which the students can meet each other for studying, for relaxing themselves, for having a good time and so on. The paper summarize the activity of the Workshop by under¬lining the methodology that has been adopted in order to allow students to redesign the campus by taking into account that architecture can change the quality of the space and the life.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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