Geomorphological setting of Madonie Geopark (Italy)

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The Madonie Natural Park is characterized by relevant zoological and botanic aspects and by geological features so remarkable that since 2001 it has been incorporated into the European Geoparks Network. The Park is marked by a wide massif know as Madonie Mountains. In this area, segment of the Maghrebide-Apenninic chain, successions of Meso-Cenozoic lithologies and late- and post-orogenic deposits occur. The geomorphological setting is extremely varied and includes many landscapes characterising several Sicilian areas; it results from the interaction between geomorphological processes, tectonic movements and climatic changes. It is possible to identify five distinct sectors, each corresponding to a particular landscape unit marked by a typical assemblage of landforms, related to the geological and structural setting and to a distinctive geomorphological agent.
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