Geoarchaeological evidence for the abandonment of the Roman baths at Thermae Himerae

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Founded at the end of the 5th century B.C. from the Carthaginians, Thermae Himeraeae became a Roman colony at the end of the 1st century. B.C. and was equipped with the typical buildings of a Roman city: forum, amphitheater, aqueduct and baths. These were built at the foot of the hill on which the city stands, using two thermal springsNew geological and geognostic investigations were undertaken in 2006 and 2012, while in 2010 three excavation tests were carried out inside the bathrooms of the modern age, which highlighted for the first time a section of the external surgery, one of the internal one and a small part of the central basin of the calidarium from the Roman age, together with remains of the decoration of the building, both architectural and mosaic. The stratigraphy highlighted by archaeological essays in correlation with the stratigraphy of the three geognostic surveys and the results of the geomagnetic investigation show that following their abandonment, the Roman baths were invaded by mud and debris due to important flood events and flooding of the nearby valley Annunziata, which caused the collapse of the wall decoration and subsequently of the vault of the calidarium. These events can be dated between the sixth and seventh centuries. A.D. The new modern building was built on the Roman remains in 1642.
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