Genomic structural diversity in local goats: Analysis of copy-number variations

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Copy-number variations (CNVs) are one of the widely dispersed forms of structural variations in mammalian genomes, and are present as deletions, insertions, or duplications. Only few studies have been conducted in goats on CNVs derived from SNP array data, and many local breeds still remain uncharacterized, e.g., the Sicilian goat dairy breeds. In this study, CNV detection was performed, starting from the genotypic data of 120 individuals, belonging to four local breeds (Argentata dell’Etna, Derivata di Siria, Girgentana, and Messinese), genotyped with the Illumina GoatSNP50 BeadChip array. Overall, 702 CNVs were identified in 107 individuals using PennCNV software based on the hidden Markov model algorithm. These were merged in 75 CNV regions (CNVRs), i.e., regions containing CNVs overlapped by at least 1 base pair, while 85 CNVs remained unique. The part of the genome covered by CNV events was 35.21 Mb (1.2% of the goat genome length). Functional annotation of the CNVRs allowed the identification of 139 genes/loci within the most frequent CNVRs that are involved in local adaptations, such as coat colour (ADAMTS20 and EDNRA), mild behaviour (NR3C2), immune response (EXOC3L4 and TNFAIP2), reproduction (GBP1 and GBP6), and olfactory receptors (OR7E24). This study provides insights into the genomic variations for these Sicilian dairy goat breeds and should be of value for future studies to identify the relationships between this type of genetic variation and phenotypic traits.
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