Genetic variation of an Italian long shelf-life tomato (Solanum lycopersicon L.) collection by using SSR and morphological fruit traits

Daniela Poma, Antonio Lupini, Fabrizio Araniti, Francesco Mercati, Caterina Longo, Michele Massimo Mammano, Francesco Sunseri, Michele Massimo Mammano, Maria Rosa Abenavoli, Maria Carola Fiore

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The recovery of ancient germplasm intomato (Solanum lycopersicon L.) has become necessaryto limit the wide genetic erosion caused by theemployment of modern cultivars. Among germplasmcollections, long shelf-life landraces could represent animportant source of biodiversity. The present studyprovides a first set of molecular and phenotypic data onlong shelf-life (so called ‘‘da serbo’’ in southern Italy)tomato collection, mainly originated from Sicilytogether with some landraces from Campania andApulia. The analysis of fruit traits showed a low intravarietalvariation, while exhibiting a quite higher intervarietalvariability. Overall, the cultivars have beenclassified in six fruit shape classes of which flattenedand slightly flattened included the 54.76 % of thecollection. The principal component analysis (PCA)showed a large cluster in which almost all landracesfrom Sicily were included. The microsatellite (SSR)analysis confirmed a low intra-varietal variation, andthe very low heterozygosity (Ho) revealed a high degreeof homozygosity in these landraces. In accordance withlimited morphological variability, the values of microsatellitepolymorphism (PIC) showed a low geneticvariability among these long shelf-life tomato cultivars.Cluster analysis based on 10 polymorphic SSR was notable to distinguish landraces for their different origin,while allowed to classify similar genotypes in fourgroups. Three groups showed a limited genetic distancewhile in a fourth largest and genetic variable cluster wasincluded genotypes more selectable for traits of agronomicinterest. Overall, the phenotypic and geneticvariation allowed us to classify a collection of Sicilianlong shelf-life tomato landraces.
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RivistaGenetic Resources and Crop Evolution
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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