Gene expression and regulation of molecules involved in pharynx inflammatory response induced by LPS in Ciona intestinalis

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In the ascidian Ciona intestinalis, the pharynx (hemopoietic organ) connects the externalenvironment to the gastrointestinal system for two main activities, respiration and food collection,potentially exposing the ascidian to high concentrations of pathogenic microorganisms. Recently,evidence in C. intestinalis has indicated that the pharynx is involved in the inflammatory reactioninduced by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) injection into the body wall. Immune-related genes such ascytokines, galectins, pro-PO, CAP are expressed in pharynx hemocytes and are up-regulated by theinflammatory agent LPS. Studies of the expression pattern of the immune gene clearly show that in C.intestinalis, as in vertebrates, immune gene expression can be regulated through AlternativePolyadenylation (APA) Mechanism and GAIT element al 3’UTR.
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