Gel dosimeters for medical physics applications

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Gel dosimeters for three-dimensional mapping of radiotherapy doses were introduced at Yale University in the mid-1980’s. Soonafter, R&D in this field also started in Italy. Early work was done at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and at the Universities of Pisaand Milan. Several institutes now collaborate on this topic with support from the Italian Ministry for University and Research(MIUR) through Grant PRIN SNALEM2010 “Development and application of new materials for ionizing radiation dosimetry”. Thispresentation describes this research, which aims at developing new formulations of hydrogel matrices with improvedcharacteristics of stability, sensitivity and spatial resolution compared to those of earlier Fricke-gel and polymer-gel systems. Anadditional goal of our research is the simplification of the manufacturing processes in order to facilitate the diffusion of thistechnology and its transition from the bench to the bedside.
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