Góngora. Itinerarios de la visión

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The theme of Theocritus and Ovid, Poliziano and Bembo, Ronsard and Marino, rises with Luis de Gongora at the top of baroque poetry. The Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea is an esoteric path of wisdom among the archetypal forms and the cosmogonic symbols of myth, in the stage of Sicily "navel of the world and the dream". The essay continues, critically, the adventure of the twentieth century back to Góngora, undertaken in Spain from the poets and intellectuals of the Generation of ''27, bringing into play the current devices of shape analysis: those of the text as a structure and logic articulation second Hjelmslev and Saussure''s School and those of the text as signifying chains. The iconological prospect, according to the School of Warburg, which identifies in the Góngora poem a vision development postulated by the "scopic drive" and together with the layers of memory, culture and the arts - it is very complex, so as to make use of appropriate methodologies borrowed from mathematics of complexity: the Mandelbrot’s "theory of fractals", the Thom’s "catastrophe theory", etc... The analysis therefore raises in relief a poetic structure that can account for the extraordinary modernity of an author who has made the link between the great age of the Baroque and the present, is not by chance defined as "neo-baroque."
Lingua originaleSpanish
EditoreDiputación de Córdoba
Numero di pagine198
ISBN (stampa)84-8154-172-9
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2006

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NomeEstudios Gongorinos

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