From recovery manuals to historic and construction building information modeling (h-BIM). Strategies for historical Sicilian centres

Tiziana Campisi, Daniela Sideli

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The recovery of historical centers constitutes today, aswell as a priority objective of any urban policy also anactivity of great strategic and economic interest. Therehave been many researches and policies of supportconcerning existing interventions, dictated by a sensitivityfor the recovery of building heritage; this kind ofanalysis have necessitated a specific study of traditionalconstruction techniques. Despite the complex regulatoryand binding framework, interventions on historic centerscontinue to be conducted in many cases in an improperway. The use of uncultivated materials and techniques,transferred from the modern construction site to the recoveryone, led to the creation of buildings, very differentfrom the original ones. The loss of knowledge of theancient construction techniques leads to a profound reflectionon the need to observe and critically analyze theexisting, making the interaction between constructiontechnique and project, without neglecting the ancientwisdom that has been handed down over the centuries.The aim of this research is that to create guidelines forthe conservation of historical architecture, defining theoperative and decisional support tools able to verify theeffectiveness of transformations and a possible restorationof original buildings elements.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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