From ambient to preserve the cold at ambient to preserve and to exhibit contemporary art: the "pit of snow" of villa Cattolica (SIcily) - Da ambiente per conservare il freddo ad ambiente per conservare ed esporre l'arte contemporanea: la "fossa della neve" di villa Cattolica (SIcilia)

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Since they were invented modern refrigeration systems, the task of maintaining low temperatures was delegated to special architectures. In the south of Italy is particularly Sicily this task was entrusted to the "pit of snow." In general question of a subterranean environment in which the snow was kept, to be, in its greater quantity, used for the production of ice cream and cool drinks. In the city of Palermo and its surrounding countryside there was no palace, convent or villa that did not have a "pit of snow." In the villa Cattolica (built between 1707-1736) of Bagheria, village near Palermo, there is a "pit of snow." It is an architectural structure formed by a large cistern, with a cross vault, resting on pillars and the pit itself, in turn covered by an environment turned, which is accessed by a ladder, placed in the western parterre entrance to the villa. The complex of villa Cattolica has been restored and turned into a home of contemporary art museum dedicated to the painter Renato Guttuso, one of the leading exponents of Italian art of the twentieth century. The "pit of snow" by villa Cattolica has also been restored and to receive the work of the contemporary artist Croce Taravella, depicting the "Big Warrior". The "pit of snow" - the tomb of the "Big Warrior" today attracts many tourists, although the same, for obvious reasons, it is difficult to visit by people with motor deficit, but a video installation, which is the ancient tales function of the pit and its new, it could make for as many people as possible, easier and more attractive its contemporary use and ensure its own preservation.
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