Frazionamento della filiera produttiva e regole del contratto

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In order to adopt a new perspective when discussing contract law in the digital age, the following essay analyses the general topic of the fragmentation of the production in the light of three case studies: Google Nest thermostat, crowd- funding and robo-advisors. The three cases are considered relevant for the matter due to the fact that they all exercises the same disrupting power on their supply chain: if, indeed, part of the products and services of their supply chain have been long offered by one or few providers, now the same products and services are real- ized by an indefinite number of players horizontally spread over the market. This evolution critically challenges not only the traditional categories of contract law, but also the recently established categories of the consumer regulation of the EU, gen- erating fundamental questions which requires quick and proper answers.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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