Forme della cucina siciliana. Esercizi di semiotica del gusto

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Sarde a beccafico, couscous, tenerumi soup, caponata, pasta alla Norma, pasta with sardines, meat rolls, cassata and cannoli, various fried foods: here are the most typical dishes of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, food stereotypes so loved by both tourists and from the Sicilians doc. But what makes these dishes so popular? And, above all, what makes them one of the most representative of Sicilian cuisine - and in general of culture -? If tradition is a successful innovation, an effective invention, this volume tries to explain, with the tools of semiotics, through which anthropological, discursive and textual devices the Sicilian culinary tradition was born - and above all has established itself. Each chapter of the book takes into consideration one of these dishes, digging deep into their significance and reconstructing its semiotic forms: those that make your mouth water, while at the same time flaunting a mythological local identity. The result is a composite but cohesive culinary apparatus, articulated on the basis of a series of logical relationships that link dishes and ingredients, social practices and stories of origin, preparations and tastings, cooks and diners.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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