Flora e vegetazione della Riserva Naturale Orientata "Laghetti di Marinello" (Sicilia nord-orientale)

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Flora and vegetation of Natural Reserve “Laghetti di Marinello” (North-Eastern Sicily) - Flora and vegetation of the Natural Reserve “Laghetti di Marinello” (Patti, NE Sicily) are examined. in this area extending 414 hectares, different environmental aspects enabled the emergence of various types of vegetation. The plant-communities are represented by halophilous communities (Juncetea maritimi), riverine hygrophilous communities (Phragmito-Magnocaricetea), psammophilous coenoses (Ammophiletea, Cakiletea maritimae), chasmophytic coenoses (Asplenietea trichomanis), woody and nanophanerophytic coenoses (Quercetea ilicis), and steppic prairies (Lygeo-Stipetea). The floristic analysis testifies the importance of this Reserve, in which 2 taxa exclusive to this area (Centaurea panormitana subsp. seguenzae, Festuca humifusa), 9 regional endemics and other 14 at risk according to the Regional Red Lists. The Habitat mentioned in the Habitats directive 92/43/cEE are 12. The Reserve need more protection, which respect to the human pressure.
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