Fisica tecnica. Volume II. Termodinamica

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    In this book some aspects of applied Thermodynamics are treated, starting from the basic notions of Physics, that are supposed to be known. This book was written as a textbook for engineering students, covering the topics of applied Thermodynamics which are most relevant to the following courses. However, the authors feel that it may also be of value for professionals as a reference or a freshen–up tool on the principles of the matter.All physical quantities are expressed in the units of the International System of Units (SI); this has made it possible to omit the units of measurement in all equations. Only few exceptions are made to this rule, where multiples or submultiples of SI units, or non-SI metric units are used.
    Lingua originaleItalian
    Numero di pagine281
    ISBN (stampa)978-88-548-4472-8
    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011

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