First data on the Mysid community in the "Stagnone di Marsala" (Western Sicily).

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First data on the spatial and temporal distribution of the mysid community in the “Stagnone di Marsala” (western Sicily) from January to December 1996 are reported. The assemblage consists mainly of five species which are common in the Mediterranean Sea: Diamysis bahirensis (55.2%), Siriella armata (18.6%), S. clausii (15.8%), Mysidopsis gibbosa (9.8%) and Mesopodospis slabberi (0.6%). Population structure is described for each species and the reproductive period inferred. A sharp increase in abundance occurred in the spring, while the minima occurred during autumn-winter. The D. bahirensis dominated from March to October and S. clausii in the winter. A large difference, which was mainly quantitative, was recorded between the population from the inner area and that from the area more influenced by the sea. Clear seasonal patterns and spatial segregation in the inner part of the sampling area were observed.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMediterranean Ecosystems: Structures and Processes
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2001


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