Finite Element Method and Von Mises Investigation on Bone Response to Dynamic Stress with a Novel Conical Dental Implant Connection

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The bioengineering and medical and biomedical fields are ever closer, and they manage to obtain surprising results for the development of new devices. The field of simulations and studies in silica has undergone considerable development in recent years, favoring the advancement of medicine. In this manuscript, a study was carried out to evaluate the force distribution on the implant components (In-Kone® Universal) and on the peri-implant tissues subjected to loading. With the finite element analysis and the Von Mises method, it was possible to evaluate this distribution of forces both at 0 degrees (occlusal force) and at 30 degrees; the applied force was 800N. The obtained results on this new type of connection and on all the implant components are satisfactory; the distribution of forces appears optimal even on the peri-implant tissues. Surely, studies like this help to obtain ever more performing devices, improving both the clinic and the predictability of rehabilitations.
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RivistaBioMed Research International
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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