Facies stacking and extinctions across the Triassic–Jurassic boundary in a peritidal succession from Western Sicily

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An uppermost Triassic–lowermost Jurassic carbonate platform succession, which is 430 m thick, in northwestern Sicily is described with the aim to provide new data on the sedimentological and biological variations across the Triassic–Jurassic boundary in peritidal environments. The studied succession belonged to the rimmed carbonate shelf that developed during the upper Triassic along the margins of the Ionian Tethys. The peritidal sediments consist of metre-scale shallowing-upward cycles formed by subtidal, intertidal and supratidal facies. Three main informal units are differentiated along the section on the basis of the variations recorded by the subtidal facies. The lower and middle units are attributed to the Rhaetian, on the basis of the common presence of the foraminifer Triasina hantkeni, associated with several benthic foraminifers, such as Aulotortus sinuosus and Auloconus permodiscoides. Megalodontids are particularly abundant and large in the lower unit, whereas they become rare in the middle unit and disappear in the upper unit.The last occurrence of T. hantkeni, along with the disappearance of the benthic foraminifer fauna, and the bloom of the calcareous alga Thaumatoporella parvovesiculifera (Raineri) is assumed as a proxy of the Rhaetian-Hettangian boundary. Recovery biota during the early Jurassic occurs about 20 m upward of the boundary zone, marked by the appearance of benthic foraminifers, such as Siphovalvulina sp. The observed biostratigraphic signature in the studied section is easily comparable to similar Tethyan sections already described from Italy, Greece and Turkey; thus, it is believed that the faunistic turnover does not reflect local facies variations, in response to changes in the accommodation space of the platform, but regional changes in a more wide area of ocean Tethys in the context of the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event .
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