Fabrication and characterization of Donor/Acceptor heterojunction organic solar cells

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Results of initial development of organic solar cellshaving the Donor/Acceptor heterojunction structure with andwithout an exciton blocking layer are reported. Characterizationis carried out in AM1.0 condition with 100 mW/cm2 incidentoptical power density. The best device has the exciton blockinglayer and exhibits an open circuit voltage VOC = 0.43 V, a shortcircuit current density JSC = 2.35 mA/cm2 with a fill factor FF ≈50%, an external quantum efficiency (electrons/s over incidentphotons/s) EQE ≈ 5% and a power conversion efficiency of about0.5%.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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