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The project confirms the settlement of the cardo and decumano and arranges new buildings in the Expo area according to the echo of the geometric traces of the neighborhoods around. These choices allow the re-use of the advanced pre-existing infrastructure system, overcoming the atopic condition typical of temporary exposure. The proposal wants to give to the place an urban dimension resulting from the dialectic between the autonomy of the new settlement and the heteronomy of the relationships with the surrounding areas. The long, unresolved perspective of the decumano has a new double conclusion: an artificial hill, a sort of lenticular sphere that contains the campus; two high and isolated buildings. The first conclusion is a soil architecture that allows multiplying the points of view from a high level towards the Expo and the territory. At the same time it adds to the campus a domestic atmosphere thanks to the excavation of open-air courts that are elements of relationship between the new ground and the original level.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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