Expression and intracellular localization of H1° mRNA-containing complexes in developing rat brain and astrocytes

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INTRODUCTION: Post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression relies on RNA-binding proteins(RBPs), which regulate intracellular transport, stability, and translation of mRNAs [1]. We previously identifieda set of proteins which interact with mRNAs encoding H1° and H3.3 histones [2-5]. All these proteinsare probably part of a ribonucleoprotein particle [6]. Here we report more details on the expression andintracellular localization of some of these RBPs, during rat brain development and in isolated rat astrocytes.METHODS: Affinity chromatography was performed as already described [6]. Preparation of total lysatesand cellular sub-fractions was done as reported in [3]. Possible co-localization of Hsc70 with CSD-C2 in culturedastrocytes was analysed by immunofluorescence microscopy.RESULTS: The presence of Hsc70 chaperone in the already identified ribonucleoprotein complex [6] wasconfirmed by affinity chromatography. We also found that the complex itself is present not only in the nuclearextracts, but also in the cytoplasmic fraction. Moreover, A1 and K hnRNPs, previously found in the complexes,were found to be differentially expressed and localized during rat brain maturation; an increase in A1expression was also demonstrated in cultured astrocytes grown on a fibronectin-containing substrate.We finally report that sumoylated PIPPin, already found in neurons, is also present in the nuclei of culturedastrocytes.CONCLUSIONS: We confirmed the existence of a group of proteins able to interact with H1°/H3.3 mRNAs.These proteins are, however, differentially expressed during brain maturation and also show different subcellularlocalization.[1] Di Liegro et al. 2014, Int J Mol Med 33:747-62. ; [2] Scaturro et al. 1998, J Biol Chem 273:22788-91.; [3]Nastasi et al. 1999, J Biol Chem 274:24087-93. [4] Sala et al. 2007, Int J Mol Med 19:501-9. [5] Saladino et al.2012, Int J Mol Med 29:141-5 [6] Di Liegro et al. 2013, Neuroscience 229:71-6.
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