Expressing perception in parallel ways. Sentential Small Clauses in German and Romance

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This chapter compares Pseudo-relatives (‘PRs’), a construction found in most Romance languages,with ‘Subject-wie clauses’ (‘SWs’), a German construction in which the subject of an embeddedwie-clause precedes the complementizer wie (‘how’; e.g. Ich sah Maria, wie sie sang, lit. “I sawMary, how she sung”, i.e. ‘I saw Mary singing’). I show that both constructions mainly occurwith perception verbs, and that they have a very similar syntactic behaviour; e.g., they can becoordinated with adjectival or prepositional small clauses and have anaphoric tense. Furthermore,they both have a clausal nature but can modify a DP. I thus propose to extend Casalicchio’s(2016) analysis of PRs to SWs: they are Small Clauses (i.e., they have a typical subject-predicateconfiguration but no temporal independence) and they project a ForceP that hosts both the subjectof the SW and the complementizer 'wie'.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteContinuity and Variation in Germanic and Romance
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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