Evolution of carotenoid content, antioxidant activity and volatiles compounds in dried mango fruits (Mangifera Indica L.)

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The aim of this research was to study the evolution of carotenoid compounds, antioxidant-ctivity, volatiles and sensory quality in two mango cultivars dried at 50, 60 and 70 C. Totalcarotenoids in fresh samples were about 12 and 6 mg/100 g (dry basis) in Keitt and Osteen samples,respectively. -carotene was the main carotenoid, representing about 50% of total carotenoids. In bothcultivars, carotenoids were more susceptible to drying at 60 C. Total phenols and metal reductionactivity were higher in Osteen than in Keitt, which had higher values in radical scavenging capacity.The antioxidant activities were best preserved with drying temperatures at 50 C in Keitt and 60 C inOsteen fruits. Fresh Osteen mango fruits had a volatile compound content of about 37.1, while Keittof about 5.2 mg/kg (dry basis). All the compounds with odorous impact were significantly reducedafter drying. As regards organoleptic characteristics through sensory analysis, Keitt dried mangoeswere quite similar to the fresh product, compared to Osteen.
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