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We investigate the role of the noise in the mating behavior between individuals of Nezara viridula(L.), by analyzing the temporal and spectral features of the non-pulsed type female calling song emitted bysingle individuals.We have measured the threshold level for the signal detection, by performing experimentswith the calling signal at different intensities and analyzing the insect response by directionality testsperformed on a group of male individuals. By using a sub-threshold signal and an acoustic Gaussian noisesource, we have investigated the insect response for different levels of noise, finding behavioral activationfor suitable noise intensities. In particular, the percentage of insects which react to the sub-threshold signal,shows a non-monotonic behavior, characterized by the presence of a maximum, for increasing levels of thenoise intensity. This constructive interplay between external noise and calling signal is the signature of thenon-dynamical stochastic resonance phenomenon. Finally, we describe the behavioral activation statisticsby a soft threshold model which shows stochastic resonance. We find that the maximum of the ensembleaverage of the input-output cross-correlation occurs at a value of the noise intensity very close to that forwhich the behavioral response has a maximum.
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