Evaluating several satellite precipitation estimates and global ground-based dataset on Sicily (Italy)

Leonardo Noto, Francesco Lo Conti, Antonino Maltese, Christopher M. U. Neale

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The developing of satellite-based precipitation retrieval systems, presents great potentialities for several ap-plications ranging from weather and meteorological applications to hydrological modelling. Evaluating perfor-mances for these estimates is essential in order to understand their real capabilities and suitability related toeach application. In this study an evaluation analysis of satellite precipitation retrieval systems has been carriedout for the area of Sicily (Italy). Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean sea with a particular climatology andmorphology, which is considered as an interesting test site for satellite precipitation products on the Europeanmid-latitude area. A high density rain-gauges network has been used to evaluate selected satellite precipitationproducts. Sicily has an area of 26,000 km2 and the gauge density of the network considered in this study isabout 250 km2/gauge. Four satellite products (CMORPH, PERSIANN, TMPA-RT, PERSIANN-CCS) alongwith two adjusted products (TMPA and PERSIANN Adjusted) have been selected for the evaluation. Evalua-tion and comparisons among selected products is performed with reference to the data provided by the gaugenetwork of Sicily and using statistical and visualization tools. Results show that bias is relevant for all satelliteproducts and climatic considerations are reported to address this issue. Moreover bias errors are observed forthe adjusted products even though they are reduced respect to only-satellite products. In order to analyze thisresult, the ground-based precipitation dataset used by adjusted products (GPCC dataset), has been examinedand weaknesses arising from spatial sampling of precipitation process have been identi ed for the study area.Therefore possible issues deriving from using global ground-based datasets for local scales are pointed out fromthis application.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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