European Vegetation Archive: now EVA really starts!

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European Vegetation Archive (EVA) was announced as a new initiative of the European Vegetation Survey at the EVS Meeting in Vienna in 2012. The aim of EVA is to create a centralized database of European vegetation plots by storing copies of national and regional databases on a single software platform using a unified taxonomic reference database. EVA does not affect the ongoing independent developments of source data bases and it guarantees that data property rights of the original contributors are re spected. EVA Data Property and Governance Rules were approved and the EVA website ( was established in 2012. Since then several European vegetationplot databases joined EVA. In the framework of the parallel BraunBlanquet project, we obtained experience with handling multiple databases based on different taxonomies, and a prototype of Turboveg 3 was developed as a software tool for joint management of multiple databases. This prototype has recently been accepted as the platform for technical management of EVA according to the approved Rules. A spe cific challenge for EVA is joining multiple species lists with different taxonomies used in national and regional databases. To solve this issue, EVA took over the SynBioSys Taxon Database, developed earlier for the SynBioSys Europe project, which is a system of taxon names and concepts used in the individual databases and their matches to a unified list of European flora. This taxon database is currently being extended to ac count for new vegetationplot databases and revised by taxonomic experts working in a newly established EVA Taxonomic Advisory Board. These technical developments made it possible that after two years since its formal establishment, first data sets could be uploaded to EVA, forming a basis for largescale analyses of European vegeta tion diversity for both scientific purposes and applications.
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