Etnografo e fan. Un connubio possibile?

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This paper addresses some methodological and ethical questions about the role of fan-researcher, with particular reference to the position of someone who decides to undertake an ethnographic study in a community of fans in which the researcher is already an insider for reasons completely outside the academic. Thus, an overview of the main contributions related to Fandom studies precedes a discussion of some issues inherent in such double role (fan and researcher): by the famous «involvement/detachment dilemma» up to the ethical doubts regarding the initial approach and the differencebetween begin a study as researcher or as researcher-fan (outsider/insider), taking account of the uncertainties and of the difficulties faced by those who wish to preserve a pre-existent relationship with the community. Therefore, this work concludes by means of considerations and suggestions aimed at solving such problems.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011

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