Ethics of restoration and conservation science: the completion and reuse of the former Mother Church in Santa Margherita di Belice (Sicily) / Ética de la restauración y ciencia de la conservación: la integración y la reutilización de la antigua Iglesia Matriz de Santa Margherita di Belice (Sicilia)

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A Restoration has to preserve the authentic character of historic architecture and its meaningful stratifications; it must make the new structure distinguishable and suggest a compatible use. This cultural position sustained the intervention on the remains of the former Mother church of Santa Margherita di Belice in Sicily, now reused as “Museum of Memory”. The philological reconstruction of the collapsed parts in 1968 was discarded since the restoration project was focused on the conservation of the authentic fragment and the redefinition of the architectural shapes with new structural components. A scientific campaign of diagnostic tests (performed by LIRBA, University of Palermo) supported the consolidation of the stucco plasters, and the reintegrated parts were made with modern materials and techniques, as the sign of our culture. The new roof allows light to enter the interior of the former church and cross the screen of wooden slats that ideally proposes the shape of the collapsed vault. The paper is intended to introduce a summary of the reflections and choices, and present the final result of the restoration and reuse.
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