“Ephemeral” regeneration for the marginal urban spaces/places in Enna

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The aim of this paper it to demonstrate that the interventions of “ephemeral designing” - seen in the key of potentialactivators of shared forms of bottom-up urban regeneration - may be also read as sequence of pop-up actions (flames); butcapable in conferring to the marginal urban spaces - even if temporarily - a “meta-real” shape of the desirable effects of thaturban transformation they would to reach in a real implementation. By establishing, thereby, with both the city'scommunities and places, a true moment of local awareness and animation, fleeting but realistic, that can trigger interest andre-generate the sleeping collective activism, even before to regenerate the physical components. It might be merely a “virtualimplementation” but, in our perspective, able to aspire in activating of a virtuous process of re-appropriation of spaces and arestatement of the missing or potential neighbourhood’s functions. The economic downturn, which is deeply affecting themost of cities around the world, is also affecting on the ongoing processes of both urban transformation and regeneration.In the light of many recent experiences, it is clear today that traditional mega-scale approach to urban design, characterizedby the great works, long lead times and - often - too-high costs; it is under question itself and it seems itself fallen into crisis.Urban regeneration is an urban emergency, in its whole sense, but it requires more measured, quickly, widespread, systemicand less expensive interventions. That is why any opportunity to “think differently” may provide insights and alternativechances for the enhancement of marginal both urban areas and communities, by representing competitive, creative andinnovative approach to the whole field of the urban designing. Mainly focusing it onto those fragile and marginal urbanspaces and giving them the occasion for new experimentations in the urban and landscape design lead by social innovationneeds. In this track, the SpaRe.Life (Spaces for the Real Life) International Work-School onto “Upper Enna” (held as winterschool on February 2016 in Enna) has started from a general conceptual visions for the edges of the upper city, to exploreand to act “new ways” through a number of experimental and creative ideas as systemic punctual applications. A systemicvision of the unique project aimed in ensuring the participative enhancement, the full accessibility, the free fruition and theenjoyment of that strip of connection between the historic urban fabric, stretched along the edge of the upper city and the –so called - “Park of the Slopes”; a green belt that surrounds and defines city’s board within the rural landscape. The resultsachieved from the final real outputs of the School have acted as example to several subsequent experiences, carried up freelyand autonomously, from a large part of the local civil society, during these last three/four years. By acting together, the localadministration, the formal associations and the informal groups have carried out some inspired projects aimed to gain thatcraved re-appropriation of urban spaces and of urban life. By reflecting on the urban regeneration of the physical fabrics,the social tissue and the common values of the city, through the example introduced and leaded by those experiments(SpaRe.Life) based on current theories and practices of tactical urbanism for an ephemeral designing.
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