Energy savings in building restoration - ana applicative case

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Italy has a historical and architectural heritage which consists mainly of buildings builtin different historical period.These buildings are today characterized by some aspects of functional distribution andcomfort, which need rehabilitation. This is related to the change thinking on a morecomfortable distribution of spaces, and improving the sustainability of buildings. Theseissues have spurred the study of methods to improve the distribution of spaces, theperformance of indoor comfort and the energy efficiency in the full respect of materialityand aesthetics of the building. Therefore, the aim of this rehabilitation is improving theindoor comfort, the energy efficiency and the environmental performance of existingbuildings, but it is also to choose more carefully the most environmentally sustainablematerials for the restructuring. In this work, a case study of rehabilitation of a historicalschool building sited in the city of Palermo in Italy is reported.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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