Energy saving analysis in industrial processes by heat pump systems with ammonia as refrigerant: the case of a cheese factory

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In the last few years, the consumption of energy has been the heart of many papers about futuredevelopments of refrigerating engines. The studies regard especially refrigerating systems used inindustrial fields, where their operation can cause direct and indirect effects on our environment. Inorder to set a limit to the harms induced by the use of synthetic refrigerants and in order to followup energy saving, it is very important to investigate new solutions. This paper reports a feasibilitystudy on the plants of a cheese factory by means of addition of an heat pump with ammonia asrefrigerant in order to recover the termic reject of two refrigerating units and to supply the requiredheat to pasteurize the milk. It was computed, for the new lay-out, the energy saving and thereduction of emissions of CO2 compared to previous lay-out. The results obtained demonstrate thatthe proposed solution enables energy saving and advantageous effects on our environment.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2005


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