Energy Management via Connected Household Appliances

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The study reported hereafter provides results based on a campaign of simulations conducted by University of Palermo on the basis of its knowledge in the field Energy Value Chain and in the field of Energy Management (EM) for household appliances. Inputs from CECED Convergence WG has been fundamental to base that study on realistic data and cases. Moreover, the so called EM study, offers also a clear picture about the opportunity to have energy management applications and services in house, being those opportunities strictly related to the cost of in- frastructure needed and to the benefits belonging to different actors in the energy value chain. Energy savings have been considered both in the house and at grid level in four European Countries: Italy, France, Germany and United Kingdom.For each country, costs and tangible benefits associated to the presence of connected household appliances within the house together with energy manage- ment functions have been analysed. Further considerations have been proposed too, for future studies in this field.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2008

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